The Japanese Tatami

The lumber species of choice was Paduak, an exotic wood that grows in Africa, South America, and even a little bit in Florida. It’s a very dense, very hard, and very oily wood that emits a very fine dust when cut with power tools but reacts to tooling very well. Plus its beautiful. Kirk and Claudia wanted a subtle contrast between the leg and rails so I applied a walnut stain to the legs to make them stand out. The finish was a dewaxed shellac over the Padauk and then a hand applied poly on top of that. But it was the headboard that was the real ‘coup de gras’. We went with a Torii gate design and you’ll probably recognize it when you see it. However there was a problem….in the photos taken outside you’ll see the original height of the Torii headboard. However, when a 12” thick mattress is placed on the bed it basically obliterates the view of the headboard. Kirk sent photos of the original installation and my heart sank…such a beautiful piece, HIDDEN!

Not having it!!

I worked in the shop for a few days and made some extension pieces then headed to Florida and, in Kirk’s garage, modified the headboard so that it would stand proud and true above the mattress and be seen as it was intended to be seen. Turned out pretty good!

Extended height of headboard ~10″