The Japanese Tatami

Japanese Tatami Gallery

I had retired the Tatami Bed design….at least my version of it. I had built many of them and, since they are big, heavy pieces in a small shop, I’d decided to remove them from my portfolio. The Tatami era was over…..until Kirk and Claudia came along.

Ok, fine, they wanted a Tatami but what changed my mind was 1) they wanted it built of Padauk, a lumber species I had never worked with before, and 2) a headboard, which I had always wanted to do with the Tatami design but never had a request for one. Since they’d lived in Japan for several years, they wanted a Japanese themed headboard and was willing to give me license to design and apply all of the above. How could I say ‘no’ to that?

It was a challenge but a really sweet one. They are such great people and I wanted to make sure they were delighted with the result. However, as you’ll see, there was a hiccup in the design that neither I, nor they, caught. But in the end we worked through that and all’s well that ends well. You’ll see in the gallery.

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