Jill’s “Ventura” Table

This mid-century “The Jetsons” style table is actually a ‘magazine’ build. It originated on the ‘Room and Board’ catalog website as the “Ventura” table but was not available in Jill’s preferred size and, especially, within her “window of delivery acceptability” (many many months before delivery). The cost was high and I really, really wanted to build this table. Why? ‘Cause I Love It!

It is 109″ long, 42″ wide (at the apex of the curve) and hopes to sit 10 folks. The top is 1″ thick. The curve is on a 5″ radius and both ends have a slight curve as well (1/2″ radius). Of course this is kiln-dried solid American Black Walnut with a water-borne urethane. I used water-borne so as to not add any color, or darken, the already dark walnut per Jill’s request.

The legs were a geometry quiz but I seemed to have passed with flying colors. I did beef up the base much more than the folks at Room and Board….I just didn’t want to take any chances with such a large, heavy table and it seemed that their approach wouldn’t allow for wood movement.

Merry Christmas in August, Jill!!