I have stared at this page for a couple of months now and I still don’t exactly know how to describe my ‘philosophy’ in building furniture. Difficult to put into words. I have an equation, below, that typifies my approach and, quite frankly, I learned that approach from the company I retired from. They believe in it, I believe in it too. So I suppose that my philosophy has to do with a quality approach which runs ‘like a thread’ through my daily shop practice:

› Protect yourself. Sight, hearing, and respiratory protection whenever needed.

› Use quality tools. They are more accurate and produce better results.

› Use the correct tool. If you need it but don’t have it, buy or borrow it.

› Keep it sharp. Dull is dangerous. It also rips material rather than cuts it.

› Keep it clean. Both shop and tools. Not only for efficiency but for safety and quality too.

› Use the best materials. Pick the grains, save the rest for another day or burn it as firewood.

› Use proven methods. This is an age-old craft and, as Solomon said, there is nothing new under the Sun.

› Right the first time. Slow down, focus on the task at hand, do it right.

› Quality, efficiency, and safety are inseperable.

› Keep learning. In working with wood there are often several ways to ‘skin a cat’. Study, learn, and apply.

I guess above all is that I love the craft. That alone keeps me looking to continuously improve my skills and methods.

That pretty much sums it up….my “philosophy” on being a Maker. A Maker of furniture.

Quality = Precision, accuracy, attention to detail, respect of processes, application of best practices.