It’s May in October!


In April 2019 I was contacted by May, an Interior Designer based in Manhattan (that’d be Manhattan, New York City). She had been perusing CustomMade for barstools for a new Thai diner in NOLITA (just north of Little Italy)  and came across some I’d made for my daughter-in-law, Allie. Well, May needed 20 (yes, twenty) of these but did not want the frame…just the seats and backs. We’d have to come up with a way to connect them but I was sure there was an elegant but robust way of doing so. These seats would be mounted to a chrome, swiveling pedestal….and did I mention she wanted 20 of these?

So it all came to pass. I’d connect the backs via two chromed brackets mortised into the back and screwed underneath the seat with inserts and stainless steel machine screws. Of course I had to ‘farm out’ the brackets and boy did I learn a little bit about steel, bending steel (accurately),  and chroming! Especially chroming. Do not ever let anyone tell you that you can substitute chroming with “silver powder-coating”. It AIN’T the same. Anyway….

The idea was to make and finish 20 seats by 1 June and I did….I shipped on 24 May. Unfortunately, due to building renovation, licensing and permitting issues, as well as labor problems, the diner has yet to open but we’re hoping for November. Meanwhile May sent me these pictures and I’m so glad to have been a part of her project.

So, if you’re ever in Manhattan and are craving some Thai cuisine, I’d recommend “Thai Diner” located at the corner of Mott St and Kenmare St. I’m sure it’d be a fabulous experience!



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