Joy’s Mid-Century Modern Full Bed in……Walnut

Joy’s Mid-Century Modern Bed

It’s mid-summer 2020. It’s hot outside and I really don’t like to sweat that much so ‘yard work’ is not an attractive activity. No one has contacted me from CustomMade recently and all personal wood projects are done. Shop cleaned, re-arranged, and updated in some areas for efficiency. Hmmmm.

So let’s take a look at the CustomMade job board. Look! There’s an inquiry from someone in Asheville, only a couple of hours from me….for a bed….in WALNUT! EUREKA!


So I sent a proposal (late, of course) but ‘Joy’, the author of the inquiry, was intrigued by the fact that I could, not only build, but deliver and setup, her new bed.

After some talk of design, and a final proposal, Joy accepted my bid and the job was on.

The rest of the story? Well you’ll have to go the gallery to see for yourself but Joy sure does like it. Me too!

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