Kathy’s Sofa Table

Kathy wanted a replica of an antique Irish Pine Sofa Table. After some discussion (emails, texts, and photographs) on the particulars and specifications of the table we set about a build. Kathy lives  approximately 4 hours from my location so an in-person visit to measure the table wasn’t easily achieved….. so we set about specifying and making measurements and communicating all of the above by email. Remarkably this method worked although Kathy probably took the brunt of the task. The only change from the original piece was overall height and one drawer instead of two. I’ve posted a picture of her original piece for comparison, below. The re-creation is in the Gallery.

I have to say that this was not only a fun build but very satisfying to me as a craftsman. Mortise and tenon, breadboard ends, rustic nature, and some creative fun with the aprons made it a joy to build.

Kathy’s antique Sofa Table

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