Walnut in Vermont

Walnut in Vermont Gallery

Beth from Vermont contacted me vis-a-vis my ever-popular bar stools, except she wanted four solid Walnut stools. So we settled on specifications and got to work. Turns out my local walnut store had an ample supply of some very high quality walnut (no kidding! no knots, almost no sapwood, very clean) so I stocked up and built ’em. I love to build these stools because there is a fine balance between machine work (table and miter saw, planer/jointer, etc.) and hand work (hand planes, chisels, and other shaping tools).  The last trick on this project was how to move them from Anderson, SC to Vermont, since Vermont is a bit outside of my delivery scope. Turns out there are very useful and safe delivery services that pick up and deliver up and down eastern US, and they do it quite cost effectively. Bottom line is that the stools turned out well and Beth says ‘they are works of art’. Aw, shucks…

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