An Island Unto Itself

My daughter, Jill, and husband, Allen, are doing a ‘to the studs’ kitchen renovation and asked me to build them a ‘furniture grade’ kitchen island as part of their reno. . I was very honored and pleased that they asked not only because I like to do this type of work(my hobby) and they believe my quality of work to be good, but because I will be a contributor to and part of their home for many years to come, and that’s quite an honor.

Of course there were discussions and deliberations on size, location, features, accessories, and color. Drawings were done andeverything checked: rail and stile sizes, drawer slides and hinge types, even the topcoat (oil vs. waterborne urethane). But most importantly, the wood. This was the toughie….what species….and finally Jill nailed it with Walnut. After checking availability and prices at several suppliers I happened upon a Sawer near Laurens, SC that carried Walnut and, more specifically, had a barn-find, 20 yr old, air dried SC Walnut stack. I bought ~85 brd. ft. and we were on our way.

This posting is late in the game but the project isn’t finished yet. Thought I’d post a few pics just to get started. These are not ‘beauty shots’ and were taken in my shop with an iPhone under shop fluorescents but it’ll give you an idea of the final product. Once all is in and the reno is complete (maybe in a month) I’ll take a few beauty shots and post ’em.

Otherwise this project has been a great learning experience for me and fun to build witha fair share of challenges.

More, later. If you have a question please email me… otherwise, back to work!

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