Into the ENTU

After some major remodeling in our home we started a furniture upgrade and a re-arrangement of our primary living space….our Family Room. With new sofas and recliners and such it came down to the smaller items…..specifically end tables. We needed two for our new space. So after various online and catalog searches my SO determined the ‘Crate and Barrel’ ENTU end table was the ticket. Me too, for that matter, until I saw the price tag.

Now, these tables are simple, contemporary design that employs very basic woodworking joinery methods. Easy to build, don’t need fancy wood, so let the fun begin!

Because of it’s color and grain patterns we chose Butternut (White Walnut) as the wood species of choice with no stain (let the wood stand for itself) and a top coat of oil based urethane so make sure the finish will resist water rings, coffee stains, etc.

Only took a few hours and most of the time was waiting for finish to dry. I admit, however, to some help. A young son (14) of a family friend, Aaron,  has been spending some time with me in the shop and he actually did a lot of the work on this. Good job Aaron!

Now, these pictures are not great and distort the geometry of the piece a bit. Once I can get around to the second table I’ll do some beauty shots that Aaron and I can be proud of. Until then, well, just make the best

of it.


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