A Simple Farmhouse Table

Even though I built these tables a number of years ago I’ve finally gotten around to taking some pictures and posting them on my site. Nuttin’ fancy but lots of character. My family loves these tables….

Coming soon!

In April I was contacted via CustomMade to see if I could build a very special piece. After some questions and rumination we decided to forge ahead. I’ve decided not to publish what this is all about simply because it is so unique….I’ve never known of another craftsman to build such a piece of furniture. Anyway, I’ve already started and am making good progress. Maybe I can publish the result is a month or so. Maybe.

A Writing Desk

Another ‘new’ addition to the website is another piece completed some time ago. This is a writing desk patterned after an advertisement I saw in a magazine while sitting in a dentist’s office. I loved the shape and size of the desk and even though I had no personal use for it I just had to build it. So I drew up some plans and went at it. It is now in the loving care of my son and his beautiful bride.

Entertainment Center Added

I’ve added a gallery of an entertainment center I did a number of years ago. It is essentially a milk painted with a light glazing two door cabinet with adjustable shelves. I built┬áthis for my daughter and her family as a Christmas gift and I’m proud┬áto say that it’s still a part of their Family Room decor!



Added a new Roubo Workbench for my workshop!

After all these years as a craftsman I’ve finally built my own, professional workbench. Solid Maple with Cumaru accents with all new Benchcrafted hardware. I wish I could say that I designed this bench but, truth be told, I built this under the tutelage of Marc Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer. He provided excellent plans and video ‘how to’s’ and I did the work. If you’re interested in Wood Working I’d suggest you check him out at www.woodwhisperer.com.